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Here’s the link to the Facebook invitation - if you go, please share a report with JDaters Anonymous…inquiring minds wanna know! On the Upper West Side, a memo circulated shortly to rabbis before Simchat Torah, promising 00 to the person who orchestrates each of the first five matches made over Simchat Torah on the UWS that leads to marriage.

(via Mara Manischewitz) Isn’t It Romantic 2: Shidduchim Boogaloo. Stipulations include that the two people didn’t know each other before and that they get married by Simchat Torah of next year.

In fact, we’re never even told in this story that the Mormon Church has banned polygamy, only that it is banned in the United States and, apparently, that “Fundamentalist Mormon families” favor polygamy. ): Over at Jewcy, Shula Reinharz gets the credit for bringing everyone’s favorite former White House intern back (a full week before former President Clinton flew over to N. Can we generalize to Jewish girls in Weston or Westfield or Westwood from what Monica was doing in the West Wing?

Korea to get two American journalists freed), as the symbol for Jewish women who may have been raised in an overly sexually aggressive manner. Reinharz says that when the Clinton-Lewinsky story broke, she had been focusing on the wrong story. The piece continues to consider whether today’s young people consider sex to mean only in the non-Clintonian definition, in the process noting that the practice of oral sex “is so rampant that the Reform Jewish movement has taken it on as a national policy concern.” I checked that piece of information out on Google, and sure enough there is an article to that effect dated November 19, 2005.

Rabbi Eric Yoffie, President of the Union for Reform Judaism, addressed 4,200 people in Houston for its biennial convention and explicitly talked about oral sex and hooking up. For him the issue was that girls are “defining their worth by how they please boys.” The degradation of girls flies in the face of the Reform Movement’s dedication to the equality of women, he said.

Can’t Touch This: And now, from oral sex, we go to the concept of shomer negiah, meaning the abstention from all premarital physical contact with the opposite sex.

Rujuk Rentetan daripada itu, berlaku pergeseran di kalangan geng-geng anti-scammer dan saya pun turut terpalit sekali sehingga menimbulkan perang dingin atau Civil Hangat perbincangan tentang isu patuh syariah AJ Islamic.

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Ramai yg terkejut selepas majis perasmian AJ Islamic tempoh hari.The ‘hood, which is becoming increasingly religious has been the site of several violent attacks against people deemed by the local “chastity squad” to be immodest.

The two first couples next watched a performance of Peking opera, a distinctively Chinese art form that combines music, mime, dance and acrobatics.… continue reading »

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I had demoed some of the paid sites before, and the profiles all seemed to be of guys who probably don’t normally talk to women in the real world, or men a lot older than me.… continue reading »

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