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“Some chefs borrow money, they do everything they can, they kill themselves, it's the culmination of a career working 100 hours a week or more. It could have been Giada's older sister who spoke about being molested by their dad.

They finally open a place and within eight minutes of opening, some asshole has posted on Yelp, 'Worst meal ever.' You can understand why they go insane, and do everything they can to ameliorate that.”r41 Lorraine Pascale! Speaking of Giada, it's no wonder she goes by her mom's last name and not her dad's (De Benedetti), and never speaks about her paternal side of the family. I like Nancy Fuller, but she is no Paula Deen (even though she looks and acts a lot like her). He still is hot to me (even though he does come off as arrogant sometimes). I miss the days of Rachel Ray's A Day, when the line up was all Ina, Rachel, Giada, Sandra Lee, Michael Chiarello (another pinger), Nigella (she could teach a class on how to do food porn), Tyler, Emeril, etc.

The one I wish they'd bring back is Brian Boitano -- his food was amazing, and his show was a lot of fun. But to say that that cow who broke up Van Halen makes good food, no. You all, she's been on the network for over 15 years. He took several pictures with me and was very nice. You can tell that he is very invested in everything he does. He loves black people, asian people, latino people, and white people. Btw, who keeps coming here to defend them, I wonder? He would he would show up at someones business and challenge them to who could make whatever that business was known for. I'll never forget the Iron Chef (when it was the real Iron Chef show) episode when Flay went up against Chef Morimoto.

Once in a while they show reruns of Sandy's three main shows (Semi-Homemade; Restaurant Remakes; Money-Saving Meals) on Wednesday mornings. Fuck all those tv "stars" with their own cooking shows. Both her and her beard are older and most likely it's her decision to ease her career down. She's never seemed to be the Martha Stewart type- A business mogul and already had an established career before her Food Network life, unlike Sandra Lee or Rachel Ray.[quote] I feel a hand on my shoulder. He takes his judging job on Chopped, VERY seriously! I did hear that he had a problem with gay people, though. He's one of those guy's I'd love to fuck and then chat with. It was obvious they were going to just hand it to Flay and when they did, he got up and stood on the table, I think he also stepped on his knives or something.

He only lasted a year or two before disappearing, never to be seen again on the Food Network.

I hope they're nice people, because they seem nice. Supposedly Paula cheated with an Italian-American guy and got pregnant with Bobby, which would explain his looks.Her teenage son yelled "Prick" when Booby got off the elevator. All the other cooking shows are being replaced with celebrities these days.worked in a restaurant in the 90's where Flay was the chef (before he became famous) and I can confirm for the record he is a PRICK. The black female judge with the British accent is beyond gorgeous.