Two dissociable updating processes in working memory

16-Jan-2020 10:33

Computational models suggest that such hierarchical organization in the PFC is achieved through interactions with the basal ganglia (BG) wherein the BG gate relevant contexts into the PFC.Here, we tested this proposal using functional magnetic resonance imaging (f MRI).For example, this would allow the maintenance and updating of nested levels of context.These authors have not made explicit whether such “stripes” reflect different PFC/BG sub-regions or different cell populations within a given particular sub-region.According to such frameworks, more anterior portions of the PFC maintain more abstract, higher level contexts, whereas more posterior portions of the PFC maintain more concrete, lower level contexts.A number of recent functional magnetic resonance imaging (f MRI) studies have demonstrated such abstraction gradients in the PFC (Koechlin et al.Given the evidence of hierarchical structure in the PFC along distinct rostral–caudal sub-regions, it may be that the PFC “stripes” indeed reflect different sub-regions of the PFC.Moreover, different sub-regions of the PFC are anatomically connected to distinct sub-regions of the BG (Alexander et al.

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For example, whereas one might typically turn right at an intersection to drive home, one might instead turn left if intending to first pick up groceries.Working memory (WM) is one of the most studied cognitive constructs in psychology, because of its relevance to human performance, including language processing.

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