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Negligent Endangerment of Others Q22 Publicist locking eyes, smiling excessively at conventioneer.

As Figure 1 shows, successive nasty comments can have diminishing returns, however. When you receive a piece of candy, you are designated a “Big Mouth Marketer”—someone who will spread the word of that brand once you leave the Javits Center.

A solid stream of nasty comments tends to reach “white noise” level by Day 3 of any professional convention. But inappropriate behavior can solidify this exchange and offers a more sustainable model.

Q66 “Hug-and-Tug” atop the oblique depression above young publicist’s buttocks.

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Inappropriate Remarks/Blatant personal disregard/ Maladaptive behavior Q23 “When I touch here my [name of body part] disappears.” Q213 Repeating question such as “Can I have a taffy now? ” Q80 Any verbalized anxiety about state of publishing industry.Nothing pleases a foreign rights associate more than a call on their cell phone from a self-marketing author who is walking the floor.