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04-Mar-2020 09:35

This is further hinted by his resolve to reclaim his honor from his people.

"Kimahri's Story" in Final Fantasy X Scenario Ultimania sheds some light to Kimahri's past.

Mostly out of shame over his broken horn, Kimahri rarely speaks to anyone.

Whenever he does, he only talks to those he likes and trusts, which is a main part of why he does not initially talk to the male protagonist Tidus.

He's also fully dedicated to Yuna's safety, and is usually the first to be around when Yuna needs help.

He doesn't hesitate to show his strength to others.

As a Ronso Kimahri has blue fur and white hair and beard.

His ears are pierced, and his hair is held back in a ponytail and braided on the sides.Having grown up admiring the mountain, the Ronso are fond of the strong and among the youth the diminutive Kimahri was bullied even after his adult horn had grown.

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