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Brad ended up fighting with the bad guys, and killed them both after the head guy admitted he was the Oscar Volkmann, son of the Commandant who was executed after Brad's mother's testimony. and the virginal Colleen finally made love as she attempted to forget her grandfather John's recent death.

All arrived safely back in Genoa City and vowed to never tell what went on for everyone's safety. Months later, Colleen found herself being drawn to her college Art History Professor Adrian Korbel and became his Research Assistant. to try to track down the real Phillip Chancellor III.

While waiting for rescue, Jack wrote a note to Sharon confessing how much he loved her. Also trapped were Adrian Korbel with a very pregnant Victoria, and Lauren and Noah trapped with Paul.

Meanwhile Amber crawled out of her crushed car and made her way to an elevator, finding Kay bruised and dirty inside, having been left there while her grandson Cane and J. Nikki and others stood vigil on the outside, waiting while rescuers cleared rubble and tried to get to the victims.

Then the dead body of the construction foreman was removed. Adam fired Neil and hired Brad as CEO of Newman, naming himself as Chairman of the Board. had the pleasure of ushering Adam out of Newman Towers. Victor was hiding out in France at the chateau he bought for Sabrina, but in his raging anger and depression, burned it to the ground with tears in his eyes. During Nikkis interrogation by Heather and the authorities, Victor made a call to Michael who was acting as her lawyer. explained that he and Mac had just grown apart after Becca was born, and she had moved with the children back to Washington D. While talking about how much he missed his kids, Victoria reminded him that he still had Reed, and invited him to stay with them for Christmas. Reed and Mattie attended a party, and Reed had a couple beers.

The reason Cane and Kay were there was to investigate him for shoddy work and kickbacks. Reed thrived in the hospital while still comatose Victoria was taken back to the ranch. Days later Victor was discovered to be alive and Adam was fired. To avoid paying Brad's hefty severance package, Neil and J. talked Brad into voluntarily resigning, or his taking company secrets from Newman to Jabot would be exposed. He ended up speaking to Heather, telling her he was innocent in the death of Walter Palin, and to leave his family and him alone. He admitted that he and Mackenzie were separated, he had lost his full time job with the Treasury Department, and was only working freelance. Mattie tried to keep him from driving home, refused to go with him, and threatened to call the police which she did after Reed left without her.

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Noah later had his spleen removed as a result of his injuries. When Victor was declared dead when the fishing boat he was on was caught in a storm in Mexico, the will was read leaving his youngest son Adam in charge of Newman. Since Brad quit Jabot to go to Newman, he was without a job. were trying to lead the authorities on a wild goose chase by appearing to meet Victor in Rio. told Reed about his and Macs separation, and he took it well. Just as he was settling in, Mac had him served with divorce papers. by returning to Genoa City for Christmas 2004, but they decided to go their separate ways. assisted Paul Williams with his detective work on various cases while attending Genoa City University. But in an intricate plot to keep the mob away from Brittany and her unborn baby, they set it up to look like J. was the father, and Bobby and Brittany staged a split. Luckily Mac showed up as Brittany went into labor, and Mac delivered the 2 month's premature baby, Joshua. confessed to Mac this was all a hoax, that he really loved her, but Mac was reluctant to trust him again. T., Brittany and her baby to come live at the Chancellor Estate with Mac, as it would be the most secure for all of them.