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“Between Profits and Primitivism: Rehabilitating White Middle-Class Manhood in America, 1880-1917.” Ph.

Chapter 2, “The Male Body and the Market Economy: The Case of Dreiser’s Frank Cowperwood,” focuses on The Financier and The Titan. “At Home; A Wall Street Wizard Tends to His Garden.” New York Times .

Discusses on reasons for Dreiser’s popularity in Azerbaijan. “The Moral Crisis of Clyde, the Criminal Society of USA – About Dreiser’s ‘An American Tragedy’” [original title].

Profile of Gengiz Babaev, a Los Angeles gas station attendant and Dreiser enthusiast who grew up reading Dreiser in Russian translation in his native Azerbaijan.

The objective of this theoretical article is to describe a conceptual framework for research on effects of past and current abuse and posttraumatic stress on childbearing women.

The proposed framework builds on an earlier framework proposed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for research on violence occurring around the time of pregnancy. First, cumulative lifetime history of abuse trauma is added to the framework in addition to violence occurring around the time of pregnancy.

Published as An Ethical Analysis of the Portrayal of Abortion in American Fiction: Dreiser, Hemingway, Faulkner, Dos Passos, Brautigan, and Irving.

“Sympathetic Disaffections: Self-Formation and Literature at the Turn into the Twentieth Century.” Ph.

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Contains Hammett letters and telegrams to Dreiser dated November 1939, January 1940, September 1940, and March 1942, plus additional Dreiser-related content. “Theodore Dreiser and the Counternarrative of Working Womanhood”; “To Die for: Labor and Belief in Upton Sinclair and Theodore Dreiser.” Labor’s Text: The Worker in American Fiction.

Mortality age data indicate that the decrease in body size occurred in a context where there was no evidence for a progressively severe juvenile bias in bison populations.

Overall, it appears that the changes in body size were a reaction to environmental conditions rather than the result of human predation pressure.

Places that relationship within the context of Marguerite Tjader Harris’s relationship with Dreiser, providing considerable biographical detail about Harris and about her relationship with Dreiser (to the extent that it had a bearing on her relationship with Le Corbusier).

Briefly discusses Carrie Meeber’s job seeking and work experiences in Chicago in Sister Carrie in the context of opportunities for needlework available to woman workers at the time. “African-American Writing, ‘Protest’ and the Burden of Naturalism: The Case of Native Son.” Culture, Genre, and Literary Vocation: Selected Essays on American Literature. and mortality age structure data document the effects of climate-driven environmental change and human hunting pressure on large mammals in North America.