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06-Sep-2020 22:31

Tiff Pollard's latest show (New York Goes to Hollywood) shows her attempts at pursuing her dream of becoming an actress.

He broke the heart of Tiffany Pollard on national TV.

She received the nickname "New York" from Flavor Flav during the first season of Flavor of Love.

Patrick "Tango" Hunter won the first season of I love New York, which he followed up with a proposal for engagement.

I beat that bug down to a 6-inch weasel."ODDS OF WINNING: 3 1/2 out of 4 hearts WHITE BOY (AKA Joshua Gallander, 24) Hometown: Miami, Florida Why he has love for New York: "As crazy as she might act, deep down, she's really a good girl with a strong head." Why New York has love for him: "I'm very laid-back and the vibe I bring is very down-to-business.

I wasn't there to promote albums or to claim I was worth 0 million.

He had been battling complications of stage 4 colon cancer since January 2013.

After being misdiagnosed multiple times due to flu symptoms, he and his mother received the tragic news that he did indeed have cancer.

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Now only four remain: Men she nicknamed Chance, Real, Tango and White Boy. We had a connection from the jump." Why New York has love for him: "I wasn't just a thug.

Hunter, 27)Hometown: Tampa, Florida Why he has love for New York: "Her bluntness. That's something that attracts me about a female." Why New York has love for him: "My arrogance.

Call it cocky or what have you, but I'm a very confident person." The truth about his catchall excuse "shoulder injury": "They didn't actually show what happened. [WNBA star Tamara Moore] fell on my shoulder and it popped out of the joint.

I could tell Momma how it is and come back and apologize or slap [competitor] Boston in his mouth for saying the wrong thing.

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I kept it real." On the wrath of Sister Patterson: "New York's mother was a bit crazy, so I stayed out of the woman's way [until] she started liking me a little bit." Why he's a hero: "I had to save [three housemates] from a bug that was a 6-foot-2-inch beast.I was there for her."But dang, that girl can eat: "On our first date, I'm thinking we're going to really kick it. Next thing I know, this woman is stuffing her face with cucumbers, ranch dressing and turkey sandwiches!

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