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13-Feb-2020 23:46

The trade extends up and down the coast to the seaside resort towns of Malindi and Diani, according to the NGO.In a 2010 report — the most recent available — UNICEF released numbers on child trafficking in Kenya that revealed that almost a third of girls age 12 and younger in the Mombasa region were involved in prostitution.European men comprise half of the clients, the report said.Sex tourism has been blamed in Kenya for increasing rates of school dropouts, poverty and illiteracy as school-age children skip class in pursuit of easy money.The first attempt at an apology by Apollo - who was also seen visiting a lawyer seeking a divorce in scenes from next week's episode - fell flat and left him angrily calling Kenya 'fake' and 'an ass' for not accepting it.Cynthia Bailey's husband Peter - who was throwing the party at his bar - also admitted that everyone would have to apologize to Kenya as they had been treating her like 'a ho' for years for believing Apollo.“The money will begin to flow,” he said, referring to payments once a temporary relationship has begun.

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“We have rescued many children involved in sex tourism or those who were potentially likely to fall into it, more girls — for young men the number has been lower,” he said. They have given tourists impunity despite having evidence against them.” But Regional Police Chief Nelson Marwa says the government has done a lot to battle the practice, including warning tourists and parents against being involved in the business.

“He impregnated me and left the country after his vacation.

I was forced to drop out of school and take care of the child.” Sabina is one among many children in this coastal region who have become mothers at too young an age.

Emily, a 16-year-old orphan, said she was forced into the business due to poverty and peer pressure.

Her aunt encouraged her to engage in sex with white men to help pay family expenses. “I have slept with different men, especially whites from Germany, Italy and the USA,” she said. I started the business at age 10, when a friend connected me to an Italian tourist who had visited the country for three months.European travelers especially have continued to fuel the trade.