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07-Jul-2020 19:22

In fact, she's 51 and the educated, successful director of a blue-chip company - with a 21-year-old daughter.

Her story is an illustration in microcosm of why sexually transmitted diseases among the over-45s are on the increase.

They’ll help you while you’re going through [the divorce] but not after it’s done.” She advises her clients to get ahead of this social shift and be proactive about expanding their networks by joining groups that set up travel opportunities for single people, and by volunteering.

“If you’re not active in your community and giving back, you’re kind of by yourself,” Cohen notes.

Divorce is never easy, but couples over 50 who end their marriages face particular hurdles.

Below, people who went through a late-in-life divorce share six things they would tell their younger selves, offering ways others can learn from their experiences: “I wish I had known how the divorce would impact my oldest children even more than my youngest still at home.” Gail Konop, a 57-year-old yoga studio owner whose 2011 divorce ended a 25-year marriage, said her son who lived at home slowly got used to her new reality, which wasn’t as easy for her adult daughters.

“He got to see us as individuals living in his life.

He saw how there was less stress, and he got used to it.

“[Divorce] is a very traumatic, life-rattling experience, especially if you’ve been married for 25 to 35 years,” says Hodges.

I tell people that they’re going to have to make their own life,” says Cohen.

“I wish I had known how expensive it would be.” James was shocked that her uncontested, relatively conflict-free collaborative divorce still cost nearly ,000.

Cohen advises consulting a divorce attorney as soon as a client suspects she or he may need one to get a jump on figuring out how to pay for the divorce and life after.

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Alimony may be sparse if a couple already living on retirement savings splits, so would-be divorcees may need time for their exit strategy.

Hodges has a simple tip when it comes to saving divorce attorney fees: stay off the phone.