Diablo 3 stuck on updating tools

24-Feb-2020 15:53

"Diablo III can be played entirely alone, although you can invite other players at any time.

I played through the second of the game's four acts alongside a really great group of random people I met by making my game "open to the public." Some cool cat playing as a Witch Doctor (read: Necromancer) popped in and invited two of his friends, and together we embarked on a four-hour rampage that killed thousands of inherently deserving immigrants from hell.

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He didn't hand it to me; it emerged, as if of its own free will, from his boxers. I complained about Blizzard’s difficulties merging story, dialogue and game mechanics in my first impressions piece last week, and I ran into more of that while playing through the game's full 20-hour campaign.Loot drops are now unique to each player, meaning you can always pick up all the items you see on the screen without fear of raising a pal's ire by taking something they wanted.

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