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This article contains demographic features of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), including population density, vital statistics, immigration and emigration data, ethnicity, education levels, religions practiced, and languages spoken within the UAE.Immigration is the largest factor contributing to this growth.Annual international book fairs in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi cities are highly regarded, and film festivals in the emirates are gaining in popularity and reputation.The Dubai Air Show has become a major regional event.Am searching for daring and fearle I am open to meeting anyone who comes along, a genuine and trustworthy person who is willing to accept and love me and treat my kids as his own.If you think that my profile interest you, please feel free to message me and let’s get to know each other.Am not here to waste anyone's time nor have mine wasted.Although, being a believer in Christ, holds little or no value in our today's morally depraved society, I'm unapologetically proud to be One as well as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (for which I'm unashamed to declare).

Traditional storytelling remains a much-admired art form, and Emirati culture, like Arab culture on the whole, esteems poetry, whether it is classical, contemporary, or the Bedouin vernacular form called ), a type of sword dance, are performed on special occasions.

The Ministry of Information and Culture sponsors a number of events annually, including plays and music festivals, and helps support the numerous folklore associations in the emirates.

The Sharjah Theatre Festival brings together talent from all seven emirates.

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Some women are now given more choice in a marriage partner, and they have gained greater access to education and some types of professional work.

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