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25-Mar-2020 11:39

He transferred bus lines recently, but it’s still amazing to think that our paths still have every chance of crossing again in the future, and in the most unexpected circumstances.More recently, I got to know a guy on the airport shuttle and we got dinner while talking about our Ph D programs, vegetarianism, and cooking.Meeting strangers isn’t only an exciting way to make new friends–it’s good for you, too.Friends frequently ask me how I manage to stay so friendly and open to meeting new folks the time.My mom still laughs about this incident now, but in many ways it foreshadowed my later affinity for striking up random conversations in the most unexpected places.Some of my closest friends or most interesting memories today have emerged from chance encounters of the Love Actually sort: getting a ride with another grad student to a surprise banquet, sitting down at a conference table with a Disney Imagineer, chatting with the night shuttle officer on my way back from school, catching public transportation and whiling away the time with surprisingly fun conversation.I befriended so many children’s literature conference folks that I probably wouldn’t have met had I mummed up and kept to myself during the breakfast lines.

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Valentine’s Day Collection Let these gifts express your love as they echo elements of the ancient Greeks’ concept of Eros: the creative impulse of ever-unfolding nature, igniting the Light of coming into being and bringing order to all things in the cosmos.❥ Handcrafted with love & integrity in our own kitchen;❥ Made with raw cacao (raw = never heated above 118f);❥ 100% free of refined sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, peanuts & GMO;❥ Ethically sourced & verified for raw integrity and sustainability;❥ Packaged with profound respect for mother earth and all her guests.“I’m Ala,” I continued, holding out my hand and solemnly shaking her, which was proffered with a smile.Then I added, just in case she didn’t understand, “Now we aren’t strangers anymore.” And then I went right on chatting.You never know if the next person you meet may be your future employer, a great friend, a romantic interest, or just a plain pleasant person to chat with.

While I’ve singing all these preachy praises about de-dangering strangers, however, you’ve probably been wondering about these brownies–these wonderful, gorgeous, delectable little bites (or huge hunks) of raw brownie.

Do you ever notice how nervous we get when we get up to speak in public, but how comfortable we are listening? If you’re nervous, ask a question and make the person do the talking.

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