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18-Jul-2020 15:48

Download Evolution Is Not Based on Natural Laws PDF One of the claims most frequently used by evolutionists for excluding the scientific evidence for creation in public schools and to be denied for publication in scientific journals is that such evidence is not based on natural laws, therefore it cannot be scientific.

They claim that evolutionary theory is based on natural laws and thus qualifies as a scientific theory.

The third possibility would be that it is constantly decreasing in order and complexity.

The most widely accepted theory on the origin of the universe is known technically as inflation theory, but is generally referred to as the Big Bang theory.

Eventually every star will have burned up all of its fuel and the lights will go out.

At this point, there would be no life and no activity anywhere in the universe. If the natural laws which now govern the universe are causing its death and destruction, and these laws are all there is and all there ever has been, how could they have the universe in the first place?

Furthermore, there are perhaps as many as fifty physical constants in the universe that must be precisely what they are or the universe and life could not exist.

They cannot be a little bit more or a little bit less.Creation scientists, on the other hand, maintain that in the beginning God created the universe in a perfect state and therefore matter would have no tendency to increase in order and complexity.